Monitoring Your Server(s)

Sep 09, 2007

by shomburg

today we released MonYServ 0.3.0

Sep 07, 2007

by shomburg

today we released MonYServ with the scripting functionality. because we have implemented the BSF (Bean Scripting Framework) we can offer you an extended possibility to implement your own plugins written in following script languages:

  • BeanShell = Lightweight Scripting for Java
  • BML = An XML-based component configuration or wiring language customized for the JavaBean component model.
  • Groovy = An agile dynamic language for the Java Platform
  • JACL = The Java library API that a programmer would use to interact with Tcl from Java.
  • Javascript = everybody knows about.
  • JPython/Jython = a java implementation of Python.
  • JudosSript = another script language.
  • Lotusscript = is a dialect of the BASIC programming language used by Lotus Notes and other IBM Lotus Software products.
  • NetRexx = IBMs scripting language.
  • ObjectScript = a general purpose object-oriented programming language.
  • Perl = everybody knows about.
  • PNuts = another script language for Java environment.
  • Prolog
  • Ruby = Java powered Ruby implementation.
  • and more ...

have a look at the plugin page to see how easy is to write your own plugin in groovy ...

Sep 05, 2007

by shomburg

everybody who is interested and have innovated ideas is invited to work on source, documentation, project page or everything else that brings us in front of the exemplary "nagios state"

Sep 03, 2007

by shomburg

believe me, at this time i dont mean that MonYServ stands on the same level like Nagios but we work hard for you to reach the "Nagios"-stage.